I am so happy to welcome you to Dare to Dream: The Art of Co-Creating with God! Here you will learn about a remarkable faith-based approach to personal growth and transformation. If you are a Christian woman business owner or a highly motivated Christian woman not yet living the life you truly desire, or you simply want to live a more incredible life, you are in the right place!

Dare to Dream is a website full of hope. If you want more than you have, you will need to do things you never have done. Rest assured…there is no better guide or teacher than the Lord himself. Here you will learn about the fine art of co-creating with God, a necessary skill for living your best life.

It may seem like a wild idea that God actually wants to co-create with you, but it’s true. He wants to live life with you. Is the thought a little intimidating or at the very least puzzling? Let’s explore that idea a bit…

Co-Creating with God

Let me ask you a few questions…

. . . Are you living the amazing life God planned for you? Or do you fall short and long for more?

. . . Do you go after what you want? Or do you quit because your dreams seem impossible to reach?

. . . Do you want more but don’t believe you’ve got what it takes?

. . . Do you simply want all that life has to offer but don’t know how to make that happen?

You are not alone! Many (if not most) people lose their way when they move toward a dream. Any number of obstacles appear when we initiate change. If not prepared, most of us lose heart, become derailed, and ultimately give up. Sound familiar? That is not God’s plan for you!

I’m here to give you hope that real change is possible. God absolutely wants to equip you to fulfill your dreams. If you want to learn how to grab hold of your God-given dreams and not let go until they are fulfilled, Dare to Dream will show you how.

Let Me Be Your Guide

Dare to Dream was born out of my own struggles to create the life I truly wanted. No matter what I tried, I ran into road blocks and could not move forward.

In June of 2010 God downloaded the vision for Dare to Dream, and it literally changed my life. On that beautiful summer day God began to turn the mess of my life into my message. For the full story, click HERE.

In retrospect, God hasn’t wasted a moment of my very imperfect life. He poured it all into Dare to Dream, and I can’t wait for you to reap the benefits!

I am confident in saying that discontent in any area of your life is God’s way of prompting you to step more fully into the abundant life He created just for you. That’s great, but how do you do that when all of your efforts seem thwarted?

That’s what Dare to Dream is all about. You will learn:

. . . how to move from the seed of a desire to the fruition of a dream;
. . . how to identify what stops you along the way;
. . . how to overcome any obstacle and get back on track;
. . . how to stay the course and realize your heart’s desires.

Engage with Dare to Dream

We all need God and one another to fulfill our deepest desires and to reach our potential. I invite you to take a step of faith today and begin to engage with Dare to Dream.

As you browse through this website, you will find numerous ways to begin your journey. Wherever you start, I encourage you to visit the Dare to Dream website regularly, as new content is always being added. God never stops expanding His vision for Dare to Dream!

. . . Read the Dare to Dream blog (click HERE).

. . . Purchase Dare to Dream: The Art of Co-Creating with God, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (click HERE).

. . . Sign up for one-on-one Coaching (click HERE for more information).

. . . Enroll in your first Dare to Dream course: Anatomy of Change – A Faith-Based Approach to Personal Growth and Transformation. Stay tuned for the next course date! This is a 6-week online, interactive course designed to help you:

  • Develop a truly supportive relationship with yourself and a deeper relationship with God;
  • Understand your own process of change and retrain your mind to support the changes you want to make;
  • Learn to more easily recognize the adversary’s attempts to deceive you and become more skilled at countering his attacks;
  • Strengthen your identity in Christ to more readily partner with Him in pursuing your heart’s desires;
  • Learn the art of co-creating with God.

Remember, God wants to co-create with you. Wherever you begin, God will meet you and begin directing and guiding your path. It is my privilege to accompany you along the way and to help equip you for the journey.

Pamela Pollock