The Beauty of Sisterhood

  In a world that often values individual achievement and self-reliance, the beauty of sisterhood stands out as a testament to the power of connection and mutual support. As women, we are often taught to be strong, independent, and self-sufficient, but there is such strength and beauty in embracing our vulnerabilities, supporting one another, and forming deep, authentic connections. Women have a unique bond with one another that we don’t share with men, and I… Read More

Why Is It So Hard to Change?

  The Greek philosopher Heraclitus is credited with saying, “The only constant in life is change.” I would like to think otherwise, but life experience has shown me the truth of his words. We are all subject to this reality, yet many of us struggle with it. We often appreciate the results of change, but few of us enjoy the process of change. I work with a lot of ambitious, growth-oriented Christian women who actively… Read More

The Power of Prayer Partnership

As we pursue our own goals and dreams, the journey can often feel lonely and overwhelming. If I’m doing God’s work, shouldn’t it always be easy and fun? Of course, that’s what I want, but I realize that is naïve. Sometimes it is easy and fun, and often it is very challenging. Why? Because God is always growing me into the women who can steward the dreams He has placed in my heart. That means… Read More

The Power of Beliefs

Beliefs are so powerful that they literally shape the course of our lives. Yet, we rarely pay them much heed. This month’s blog post will give you a deeper understanding of the role beliefs play in your life and why it is so important to bring unconscious beliefs into the light of day if you want to live a better life. We will explore how beliefs are formed, how they impact everything we do, and… Read More

What Does it Mean to Co-Create With God?

I love the elegance of the Tango, the precision of the movements, the way the lead seems to effortlessly guide the follow into stunningly complex, striking moves that absolutely captivate the audience. She rarely diverts her eyes from his, as if she instinctively knows that her every move depends on that connection. It allows her to flourish, to joyfully express her creativity and talent in ways she could never achieve on her own. He is… Read More

Relationship with Self

  In the hustle and bustle of life, many Christian women find themselves yearning for a deeper connection with themselves and with God. Are you one of these women? The journey of personal and spiritual growth and development can be both invigorating and challenging, especially when we feel stuck in the routines of daily life and when we try to change because we just want more out of life.

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectionist, who, me? It’s not one of those flags I like to fly, but there it is. I hadn’t thought about writing my first blog post on perfectionism, but God had a different idea. He’s been bringing perfectionism to my attention in a big way over the past several weeks. During a recent morning prayer time, when the subject of perfectionism came up…again… I heard the Lord say, “I’ve just about written your first blog… Read More